Behind The Writer + An Update

So it’s Wednesday, I hope you are all having a good day and your week is nice and relaxed so far 🙂

I will start with the update first, as I have a few things I want to share with you 😉 Most of you might know that my mom is going to a retirement home and we found the perfect place for her (that she mostly chose) and I know that she loves it. At first, she was going to enter today, but after we did some paperwork and talked to some people she will enter on the 1st of July 🙂

Both my mom and I were very stressed out about all the things we needed to accomplish by today, so I was very stressed to say the least, lol. But now that she will be entering only in two weeks, there is time to do the things more slowly (yey us).

As for JuNoWriMo, I have done nothing! (well… almost nothing). So I will take that as a small failure, but after all that is going on, I am not stressing about that. I guess there is time (or no time, lol) for everything.

My Newsletter that was meant to go out on the 20th this month will still go out, but by the end of the month like the 28th of June. If you haven’t signed up yet, go here and sign up so you won’t miss June Issue ❤

Okay… Let’s get back to our Wednesday Behind The Writer 😉


For this week I wanted to share with you what motivates me to write, only this time with the small twist of writing with a short term memory loss 😀

You know how they say that when you write something, take a little space from it when you are done and come back later with a whole new fresh look on it. Well, writing with a memory loss is something like that, lol, but a bit more challenging 😀

So after a few trials and errors, I found the right things that help me feel motivated to write, even when I can’t remember what I am writing about, lol.

The day before:

You wrote a lot of pages and chapters (or just a few lines) and before you leave it, write a few things somewhere where you will see it the next day 🙂

Write down the key points of what you wrote so far and what you think you want to write the next day and how your plot is going to go.

Write down to read what you wrote the day before (only). Do not read the entire thing, just what you wrote the day before. If you read the entire book (if you had been writing for a few days or month) every day, you will never be able to move on with your writing. So read only what you wrote the day before and write little notes (if you have any).

The next day:

Before you start writing do some free writing, just to let your mind get used to the word flow and the writing itself. do that just for a few minutes to let the creative juices flow.

Then read the day’s before work and write little notes (I always see things a bit differently, but so far it was for the better).

Read the key points of the story.

start your writing according to the key points. The story and the characters may change as you go, but after you read the entire book, you see how those changes came for the best and didn’t hurt the plot at all.

Before you go to sleep do the same as you did for the day before 😀

During this time, I tend to read a lot – much more than usual, lol, don’t know why but it helps me a lot with my writing and keeps me inspired.

Sorry for the long posts guys, but I hope it wasn’t overbearing and even though I have written about a very specific subject, I still think it can be implemented in other areas. I think what is extremely important when you have a memory loss is to stay organized or keep your thoughts organized.

So write everything down!

As always, thank you so much for reading ❤

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4 thoughts on “Behind The Writer + An Update

  1. Hi Galit! Wow you have quite a bit going on hun! Just take your time and try to do one thing at a time. I hope that your memory loss isn’t causing you too much trouble lately. Sounds like you have things under control though. I hope you’re enjoying your week! ❤ xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww, thank you so much hun ❤ It’s really okay. It comes and goes but it’s really okay 😀 This week I rested a lot so that was amazing 🙂


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