Random Thoughts: Writer’s Block

Such wonderful tips Ellie, I love it and had to share this 🙂
Hope it’s okay…

The Stranger's Wall


Sometimes having this particular thing is a menace I tell yah.. (laughs). It is really common to most writers everywhere around the world to go through a writer’s block. And let me tell you something, for you to keep continue writing will improve your ideas and imagination to go way better. Rather than just stop writing all together and giving up. That leads you as a writer no where.


You have no more ideas

Alright this happens at times. You think I never got it before. Nope. I got plentiful of no ideas kind of dilemma while writing essays during school years, to write and describe topics for my college assignments and sometimes it even hits me when I am writing the short stories in WordPress itself.


When you have plenty of ideas but have issues deciding which to use…

Ahh yes.. this kind of blockage is not good at…

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