Book Review: Pit of Vipers (Sons of Kings #2)

Another review up for the Pit of Vipers by Millie Thom.
Such a wonderful book to read ❤

The Reading Bud


Author: Millie ThomReleaseDate: December 22, 2014
Series: Sons Of Kings
Genre: Historical Fiction
Edition: Kindle
Pages: 5005 (kindle locations)
Publisher: Self-published 
Source: Author (Thanks Millie!)
Buy it here: Amazon


In Pit of Vipers, the second book in the Sons of Kings trilogy, the lives of Alfred of Wessex and Eadwulf of Mercia continue to unfold against the ever increasing threat of Danish raids. Now back in his homeland, Eadwulf sets out on his determined quest for revenge, whilst Alfred’s leadership skills develop at the courts of his successive brothers. Before long, those skills will be put to the test . . .





I read this book just after I was done with the first one and it has the same elements of storytelling as the author puts her wonderful details in each and every scene and character in…

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