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We all know the “would you rather”-game, with questions like: would you rather have the hiccups for the rest of your life or always feel like you have to sneeze but not be able to. Most of these questions are impossible to answer, which makes them so much fun.

I found this cute tag on Anne’s blog, and I thought it’d be fun to try to answer these questions myself as well.

Anyway, here we go…!

Would you rather…

Read-only trilogies or stand alones?

OK, this one is easy 🙂

I would only read trilogies. I love big books and trilogies and series and I am not a huge fan if stand alones, lol.

Read-only female or male authors?

“Female authors, definitely. Not only are most of the books I adore written by female authors, but us girls got to stick together!” I totally agree with what Anne said here ❤

Shop at bookshops or online?

Wow, this one is really hard.

I love bookstores a lot! but I also hate going there most of the time. So for me, it would be online 🙂

All books become movies or t.v. shows?

This is a good one! This is a hard one as I not that sure of what it means, but if I understand it correctly I would rather all book become movies. There are many books that I love and think they are awesome and think that they would make a wonderful movie 😉

Read 5 pages per day or 5 books per week?

This is a hard question for me as I think both are impossible, but in a perfect world were I could do nothing but read all day I would choose to read 5 books a week ❤

Be a professional reviewer or author?

Author! Nothing more to say on that ❤

Only read your top 20 favorite books over and over or always read new ones that you haven’t read before?

Wow, this is a difficult one! Not reading again and aging Pride and Prejudice is a sad thought, but if I had to choose I will have to choose only reading new ones. (This was a cruel question).

Be a librarian or bookseller?

Bookseller 🙂 Having my own bookstore with coffee, would be awesome ❤

Only read your favorite genre or every genre except your favorite?

Hmm, this is actually an extremely hard question. After a few moments of thinking, lol, I think I’d have to go for only reading my favorite genre, which would be Fantasy. This is hard as I really started to like Science Fiction, but I couldn’t leave Fantasy behind. The thought of doing this is unbreakable!

Only read physical books or eBooks?

Well, this is easy, isn’t it?

Physical books ❤ I really started to love eBooks and it’s nice to have them both, but there’s nothing better than a physical book (I love their touch and their wonderful smell).

And we are now done!

I’m not going to tag anyone in specific, but if you want to do this Bookish Would You Rather as well, consider yourself tagged!

Don’t forget to share your thoughts on what would you rather?

Thank you so much for reading ❤

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*** I used the same gifs from Anne’s post 🙂


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            1. I am taking a break Galit. I posted a memo.. awhile back. I am inneed of my ex-husband to tend to my aid. But he is refusing me. (Sighs). I need to rest another day or two. I am crying endlessly missing his presence. That I knew he is not coming back.


  1. I like this! Saving it for a later blog. 🙂 I have another book tag that I want to do as well…now I just have to schedule them and find out where they fit in my schedule. lol

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