Memo: Please Pray for Ellie Rayne


I’ve received an email from Ellie Rayne of The Bracelet Writer’s Poems blog asking us fellow bloggers to pray for her. Go visit her blog and get to know her through her wonderful words.

I am a strong believer that words are powerful more than anything and I am sure that if we put even one word out there for her, the effect it will do will be amazing.

She was diagnosed with a brain tumor and at first was scheduled to have a procedure on the 25th this month, but the doctors think it is better she will have it sooner. She had to stop writing on her blog, from being too ill. I wrote to her and gave her my email so she could write and not feel so alone in her fight to survive.

She is such an inspiration.

She told me that on the 10th of April she will finalize her brain Surgery that will be scheduled for the 20th. She is so brave and so strong for doing it and fight so hard for her own survival, so if I can do anything to help even a bit in her journey and put some positive thoughts out there for her, I will do that so happily.

Please pray for her, hopefully, our prayers will be heard and make her stronger to battle this epic battle she is fighting and even win.

Thank you so much for reading ❤


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*The picture is taken from Chii’s Blog post 🙂


37 thoughts on “Memo: Please Pray for Ellie Rayne

      1. I will try my best Galit. Its 12.43am and I am still up here. I cannot sleep. Due to nervousness in the finalizing the brain surgery later. The documents and such.
        I am really thinking way way to much right?
        Hugs and kisses*

        Ellie Rayne

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        1. It’s natural to over think, but know that we were all thinking of you an praying for you. Your job is to stay strong and, think positive and… this one is hard but believe ♡ Keep us update on what’s going on.

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    1. Sorry it’s so close to you 😦 you are so sweet to post on her blog, she will be so happy to see it 🙂 This is very close to my heart as well, and I truly believe that we send out even only one postivie thought at her it will give her the strength to fight this ♡

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