Dear Journal: The Bracelet Writer Deserves an Award!

Loved this and before I post my memo, I want you to think postivie thoughts of her and her recovery ♡

Chii~ Poems & Journal


I may not know Ellie Rayne that much but her poetry really does inspired many people, as she said since 2014. I have no idea why she left wordpress but I guess it is for the best for her health being. At such a young age, she is already have cancer cells spreading in her.

She may not talked much but I am here to ask all of whom knows her as:
The Bracelet Writer’s Poems


blog site or page.. or even her identity itself. Please do reblog this Post after reading it. Whom knows, she just might return back to WordPress even more livelier and healthy one day.

And her poems are amazing if you asked me. It is really touching, lively, surreal and unfake. She expresses her feelings in a very sincere manner.




With this, I am to seek your thoughts regarding Ellie Rayne. Please comment below about…

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