Friday Musing


Hello Y’all, yey, I sound like a true country girl 😉

It’s Time for Friday Musing again, I hope you are all having a great Friday ❤

Today I have two Friday Musings and I hope you will like them both.

My first is actually a book I have read recently. This book was so weird and so beautifully written that it really inspired me in so many ways and still do. It gave me another point of view on my writing as if I was not the writer at all. I love looking at a book I write through the reader’s eyes and not just the writer. In this book I’m writing now I had some issues at the first chapter, something seemed to be missing and now… Now I know what was missing. I went back and tweaked a bit with the first chapter and now I have a better understanding of what I did wrong in that chapter. Fixing it was extremely easy now as I have a better understanding of how the reader will read it and after reading the first chapter out loud I could easily see the places I need to add information and the places I need to delete.

I love how a book can change things within you and your how you do your craft ❤

My second musing for this week is (and I will sound very cheesy, even extremely cheesy but I will take this chance), the book reviewing on Henna’s TRB blog. The book reviewing has suddenly made a huge change in my daily life. I made a commitment and so I need to better schedule my time to give it the perfect amount of time a book needs. Doing this and my writing, hubby, home, mom, friends and other projects I want to do leaves me with very little time left so I had to start scheduling my time better, much better… Hey, a lot better 😉

The reasons it’s here then and not on some problem list is that this is one of the things I always wanted to learn. How to schedule my time better but in a way that will leave room for creativity and inspiration.

I am truly grateful for this opportunity to learn and grow ❤

Well that it is for this Friday, hope you liked it.

On a final note, I got a comment that asked me to show what is on my desk.

So I thought… Why not.

This how my desk normally looks like when I am not writing with my computer and writing with tons of pens and markers and even more papers and notebooks 😉


Sorry, the picture came out fuzzy 😀

I wish y’all a great day and a wonderful weekend 😉

Thank you so much for reading ❤


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21 thoughts on “Friday Musing

  1. Wonderful post dear! I understand how you might be feeling, as even I w=feel overwhelmed at times… specially when I have a responsibility for reviews of 5 other reviewers… hehehe!
    I have a separate notebook scheduling all the posts on TRB and then one for my other blog…don’t even ask me about my food-blog… I’ve been ignoring it since last year! lol!
    I really love your desk… I’m a sucker for pens and books… and I love your pretty desk ❤
    Have a great day Galit 😀

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  2. Since I followed (I swear I’m not a stalker) over to the Reading Bud and became a reviewer myself, I am also learning the wonders of scheduling. lol I think I may have lost my mind when I signed up for so much with TRB, my business, my actual paying job, and writing…Scheduling has become super important. I can’t tell you how many videos I have watched and articles I have read about making a schedule for myself.

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  3. Nice desk, I love when papers and notebooks are all scattered together. Makes me feel very productive. 🙂 Nice quote too.

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