Our Car

There is a huge storm outside and an hour ago a huge tree crashed onto our car.
I know it stupid or silly, but I can’t stop crying.



Hubby’s parents gave it to us 6 months ago and now it’s under a tree.




73 thoughts on “Our Car

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  2. Oh my you weren’t kidding about the car! I wanted to like your post but I can’t after seeing your car, how awful! I would be crying too! I hope things get straightened out asap with insurance. ((hugs))

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    1. LOL, thank you so much πŸ™‚ It was awful and I cried so much (almost 2 days, just cried, lol). Luckily I am better and the car I hope is getting fix as well πŸ™‚


  3. Oh no! I am so sorry to hear about your car! It’s completely understandable that you were crying. I am sure I would have been too. Sending you a giant internet hug! ❀

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  4. oh ugh. SO sorry! a good cry is definitely in order. i have been through a couple hurricanes/tropical storms and seen the aftermath. it is awe-inspiring and devastating what a lot of wind and rain can do. really glad everybody is okay. the things can always be fixed/replaced!

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  5. Oh no! I would be crying too 😦 In fact, a last month I sat in the parking lot at Starbucks and cried for like an hour cause my car wouldn’t start and my husband wasn’t answering his phone so I hear ya! Do you have insurance!? Shit happens ya know. Don’t let it get you down… eff that storm! Hehe

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  6. Thats horrible. You shouldnt feel silly or stupid for crying. But I will remind you that even the bad things in life can inspire a story! You just have to use it to your advantage, find the silver lining. You know, afte you cry a little. Good luck!

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  7. I can’t like this because that’s just so awful! So sorry about your car. I would cry too if something happened to my less stylish minivan. Storms are unpredictable natural disasters. πŸ˜” Hope you guys are ok.

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