As part of my plans to put out a writer’s platform of some sort, I’ve decided to finally do the one thing that scares me the most in regards of social media, it is to share my photo.

I know that to most of you it sounds weird, but it did scare me and I even got a minor panic attack,lol, but it’s over.

So this is me 😀


Thank you so much for reading ❤



62 thoughts on “Me

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  2. It’s so lovely to see you! 😀

    I don’t like sharing my photos on social media sites either, that’s why I only have part of my face showing, I like my privacy.

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  3. Beautiful!! I know the feeling, I just posted pics of me and added one to my BIO page. Its scary, but then I thought, why? Why is it so scary? People see me all the time. Strangers see me too. Whats the big deal? right? I don’t know, I talked myself into it and there I times I feel panic about it and other times, I don’t get what am I worrying about. Crazy right? I still won’t post pics of the kids though. I feel like, well, just in case the manic person speaking in my head is right, better not take any chances. LOL So nice to SEE you!!! 🙂

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  4. Nope, I completely understand. I have this very same phobia when I decided to start a beauty blog. I kept thinking well you’re going to have to put yourself out there and hope for the best. 😉 Btw, Hi! You look just lovely! Thank you for greeting us with such a friendly smile! 🙂

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      1. The internet is kind of scary and letting others in can be tough. I think us bloggers are pretty good at supporting each other, so you have a lot less to worry about. 🙂

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  5. I’m so glad to finally put a face to the online persona! It is a scary leap to take, but I feel like it will really help you connect with your readers and take ownership of your writing. Exciting stuff about your platform! Can’t wait to see what you do next!

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      1. rachelellisfashionandbeauty

        You’re very welcome! It’s understandable because it obviously took a lot for you to post this but it is very nice to put a face to the name 🙂 xx

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  6. I can understand this. When I first started on here, I thought about just having a photograph of something else as the profile picture. But once I uploaded the thing (my previous picture), it was just like pulling off a bandage. In the beginning you cringe, but afterwards it’s fine.

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  7. I’m glad you fought your panic. I so can relate. I had a picture of Pepe Le Pew on my Facebook page for a long time, then someone told me about copyright infringement so I was forced to put my own picture up or leave it blank. I found an older picture from a glamor shot my sister had given me for a birthday present and used it. I’m not thrilled about posting my ‘face’ everywhere. I guess as writers we must face this problem.

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    1. Yes, I guess we do… and it is scary, lol.
      Mine was of my dog ❤ It was a safety net for me in this social world, but now as a writer, I guess things need to change, but I know it will be for the best 🙂


  8. Nice to see you! You are way braver than I was when I first put up a picture of myself – I just sneakily put up a picture in my About Me section which I then proceeded to take down and put back up several times over the course of a few weeks lol. 🙂

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    1. LOL omg, Thank you so much. I got a panic attack just by putting my real picture on my social media and my name. I am still a bit shaky.
      But I want to be an author that much, nothing will stop me anymore. No people in my life and not a picture 😀
      So scary…

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      1. Natalie

        That’s totally understandable! I did a post about a month or so ago, after a few months of blogging, where I visually introduced myself! I was soooo nervous too! Xx

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