My Plans for 2015

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I always loved making lists, setting goals and making plans, so my New Year’s resolution is no different. Over the years I learned to be better at keeping them, but I still need to learn a lot. This year I started my “resolutions” as a plan already categorized and even sub-categorized. What can I say I love it! Yes, I am a nerd… ❤

I will start with what is most important for me as a writer. This is by far the hardest resolution for me, as well as the most important.


Finish my first novel:

  1. Write every day (except on weekends). I plan on writing in the morning (10:30am) after hubby goes off to work and after my morning coffee 🙂
  2. Write 4 pages per day, at least. I don’t want to look at my achievements in word count as sometimes it can get discouraging for me and pages tend to fill up more quickly when I don’t think about my word count.
  3. Re-write older notes. I have a few paper notes that I need to type into the comment area of my document.
  4. Finish writing the book! This is by far the important one, lol, without it there is no publishing. My mom said that her wish for me is that I don’t be like her and finish what I’ve started ❤ so this is my most important goal to achieve this year.
  5. Edit the first draft.


  1. Research what I need for my book, type and scan all the notes into the computer for backup.
  2. Learn about the author business; traditional publishing, self-publishing and all that might be included in that.
  3. Build a better author platform online, which includes writing more blog posts per week, build my blog to be more professional but also keep the lightness in it and I also want to build my subscribers email list… After all, you are all so sweet and kind to me, I need to return the favor.
  4. Think of covers.
  5. Publish my first Novel. I wrote it here for 2015 as a motivational goal more than anything, but I do hope to step into the publishing world no longer than the mid of 2016.


I want to read more books about this business after all knowledge is power right?

Health & Fitness

  1. Stay positive, think positive.
  2. Learn to relax more.
  3. Drink more water, at least 6 glasses a day. I just forget to drink water 😦
  4. Reduce junk food intake per day.
  5. Exercise for 15 minutes a day, at least 3 times per week.
  6. Find good food choices for my daily menu (gluten, soy, and dairy free).


My reading goal for this year is 30 new books, but because of our family budget, I might just re-read my books again and then my reading goal is 100 or so books (maybe a bit more). Books are my inspiration and I always read, so if I can’t buy new books and before you suggest, I hate taking out books from libraries (“OCD” issues) I will read the books I have again. I always seem to find some new bit of inspiration in the pages, things I haven’t noticed before.

Wow, that’s it! I know that some of these goals will be harder than others. However, I have never been more Determined to achieve my goals and I know that the people, who truly love me and want this for me (you guys as well), will find a way to help me keep being focused on my writing and keep me accountable for the goals I’ve set.

So feel free to ask me on my goals and my writing at any time.


That is truly the end of this post, lol, sorry for the long post. Don’t forget to share your thoughts, they are important to me.

Thank you so much for reading ❤


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30 thoughts on “My Plans for 2015

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  2. Good luck! I think keeping your weekends “free” from writing is a great idea. It will give you some time to relax and recharge. You don’t want to get burnt out! Also, do you have any used bookstores near you or even a thrift store? I know what you mean about borrowing from the library.

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        1. I only have pc so I play on that. I love gw2 extremely, lol. I played portal and I play skyrim – still love that game.
          I am waiting to find the dragon age inquisition for pc, but I might just buy it online and done with the waiting… 😀


  3. I know you said you dont want to check out books from the library because of your OCD, but have you tried Overdrive? Try checking their ebooks out. Amazing app. All you need to do is search for your local library and use your library card!

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  4. Helpful to make these lists and organize your thoughts. And a balance here, with not just focusing on writing, but other things as well. Best wishes on these goals!

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      1. The problem is that I’ù in my last year of highschool, the final exam is approaching and yet laziness has become my motto xD Good luck 😀

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  5. I love your list of plans for the new year. They’re specific and attainable. I need to come up with a better list of things I want to accomplish this year. Mostly what I’ve come up with is that I want to focus on myself and going after my own happiness.

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  6. Wishing you luck with your impressive goals. I also made a list of things to work on this year as well as one major goal…Write First. The one thing I forgot to put on my To Do List is to get my printer up and running. Thanks to a download of Windows 8.1, I need to reinstall. Now if I could only find the disk. I have every disk I need but that one. LOL Murphy’s Law.

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