This is a quick post on how I name my characters. Finding names is always hard for me, I don’t know why, my characters, most of the times, end up with a simple generic name (which is ok, sometimes), only when I reach halfway through the story I find the right name, that is perfect for her/him.

Having said that… In most cases, I know the name of my main character even before I start to write the story, but for the others… well, that’s more problematic for me.

If you are like me and you have a bit (or more) problems naming your characters in your story, I compiled a few tips on how I find names if they didn’t come already with the story set in my head.

1. Go to all the sites of baby names. Yes! Baby names, lol, I love those site. I have a least 10 sites of all kind of baby naming, lol. They are very helpful in finding nice names and what they mean and even can help you brainstorm and find great combinations of a few names you see there.

2. Before naming any character, try to think of its purpose in your story, what he/she needs to do and how the character will achieve that.

3. Write on paper all the qualities of that character and try to think how he/she will look and if someone calls out to them what will that be. Usually, by this time, I have a few names popping out and then if none of them feel perfect for me, I start scrambling the names or the letters until I find the one that sticks.

4. Try many languages, try to find names of places or even objects, lol, anything that strikes up your imagination.

5. Keep the names simple enough so that the reader can pronounce it, lol.

6. The theme of the name should always fit the theme of the story and place. Unless I want it to be so different on purpose, so he/she will pop in the setting of the story (more than others).

These are my tips for naming characters, I tried to keep it sweet & short 😉 and I hope that it helped you in any way.

I found this cool short clip of George R. R. Martin where he talks about naming characters and I really wanted to share it with you 🙂

How are you coming up with names for your characters? Share your tips for naming characters in the comments.

Thank you so much for reading ❤


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10 thoughts on “Names…

  1. I remembered how I took time coming up with names for my scripts. I decided to just do the plot structure first using (Him and her) – Her parents – His parents.

    Yikes it was a nuisance. But haha..I usually figure out my characters names using story books I read or movies I remembered. I combined movie + book names.

    Example :
    Stefan Caplet (Book)
    Vonnie Hans ( Movie)

    When add both and mash it up. I managed to give a spectacular name for him.

    And.. wala!

    “Vondoture Re Capullen”

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  2. I also check out baby name websites for ideas 🙂 They’re great for showing you tons of lists, with nationalities and gender. Very helpful stuff!

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  3. Like Kate, I always try to name my characters in accordance with a part of their personality. Take the main character in my novels for example, his name is Thomas. This means twin, and it fits perfectly with him because it shows how with his friend Chris he is not afraid to open up a little, but with others he is a closed book.
    Baby name websites are a life saver for me.
    Plus, it is really interesting to learn different names in a wide range of languages, their meanings, and origins.

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  4. Baby name websites are a must. I always make sure that my characters’ names have some kind of meaning that fits their personalities or roles in the story. Also, like you, I make sure that the name fits with the story’s genre and setting. This made naming my dystopian steampunk characters really challenging, but also really fun, because I know they all have very unique names now. Another “rule” I have for myself is that I try to never use names of people I know, even as background characters.

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    1. Omg, lol, I’m the same way… I never use names of people I know. It is very challenging for me as well in this Dystopian Science Fiction genre. It’s very new to me, do character naming is a bit more difficult, but definitely fun.

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