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This post is a lot different from my other posts, but I wanted to share with you a new purchase I made. Sorry for the late post about this, too much had happened and so many posts to write, lol.

The night we went (Hubby & I) to see Mockingjay, I found a bag that was perfect 😉

I bought a beautiful bag that you can use in 3 ways, but the thing that was most important to me is that it has 2 straps so that it can be used like a backpack.

The reason I wanted a bag like this, is because of my mom. You see my mom is in a wheelchair, and when I go with her to do some errands or just to hang out together, I am the one who pushes the wheelchair. My other bags always fall as I push her wheelchair, and a while back my new bag I had just tore from the fall.

So… after a long search to find the perfect bag – hubby and I saw this bag.

I really love the brown color (they had many colors, lol), the fact that it’s not too big but not too small so that I can put my tablet in it but what I love most are the 2 multipurpose straps that I can use as a backpack… this way the bag will not fall down as I go out and about with my mom… 🙂

Have a great Sunday & Thank you for reading ❤


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