Quick Update ;)


Hello to all my lovely readers,

I wanted to write a quick share, just to let you know what’s going on with me and what I’ve learned throughout this month.

NanoWrimo & Writing: Failed NanoWrimo.

I wrote 35K/50K, too much life events this month, but I did gain a wonderful story that I will continue on writing. I’m a bit sad that Nano is over (even if I haven’t written much), I will miss most of all the community of writers and all the sprints. I entered this Nano year without a plan, for the first time, and I am happy that I did so.

This story is so different from all the other stories I wrote, in a good way. I know it may sound weird what I am about to say, but in a way I am happy of how things turned up. Even though I didn’t win Nano, I got a new world, new characters and I know that this story needs to be written 😉 I am planning to continue the story in mid december, in hopes to finish it by February.

Reading: I miss reading. I want to read 2 book this months (I know it’s not a lot, but hey… too much to do). I want to finish reading Ready Player One by Ernest Cline and the last book in The Rain Wild Chronicles, Blood of Dragons by Robin Hobb. I am very excited by both books.

Gaming: I have really neglected my gaming this past month, so I am planning on major gaming time, lol.

Time management: I learned a lot this month about time management as well. I am not a morning person (to say the least, lol) but I started to wake up early. even if I don’t have nothing to do that day, I still wake up relatively early and from that moment I have a better idea of how to organize my time and put the writing in the top of my to-do list. For me… This is a huge deal.

Projects: I have some projects in mind, that I really want to see if I can do them (maybe later I will share them with you as well).

What have you learned this month? Don’t be shy and share your thoughts 🙂

Thank you so much for reading ❤


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16 thoughts on “Quick Update ;)

  1. 35 K words is wonderful! That was my ending word count too. This month really taught me to overcome fear, writer’s block and procrastination. Sticking to my story in November and right now in December has made me feel invincible. 🙂

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  2. I think 35,000 words on a story you call wonderful is totally a win. The 50K goal is just arbitrary, and writing regularly is the real goal. That’s the lesson that NaNoWriMo cemented in me, of persistence — keeping at it. Make writing a regular routine.

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    1. Thank you so much… 🙂
      I do think as well that if the story is a worth while story then, it’s a win for me, no matter what the word counts is.
      The lesson is in the routine… I’ve learn that even if life just gets too much, I still can write… Maybe not as much ir as fast, but I can write ❤

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  3. I also did NaNoWriMo this year. It was NaNoWriMo eleven for me. This year went really well. My goal was to Write First every day and to Write 2 K a Day. I did it. This was the easiest NaNoWriMo project I’ve ever done. I met my goal every day but 2 days, but I made up for those on the days when writing was going well. I’ve learned a lot from NaNoWriMo over the years. I’ve learned it is better to write before I go online; it is better to have an idea of genre, plot, story sentence, characters, and setting when starting out; prepare household chores ahead, such as meals, laundry, cleaning, etc.; get ahead of your word count in the beginning because something will always come up that you can’t control (death in family, illness, helping a family member in need, etc.; and lucky for me my son does Thanksgiving dinner. I write in the morning and show up for dinner. Downside: not leftovers.

    Also do you all know that Camp NaNoWriMo is held in July and August every year?

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    1. Omg, lol. The house chores and mom was a bit too much for me this year and on that I need to work harder in order to take the time for writing.
      I found as well that the best thing for me as a writer is to write with my morning coffee 🙂
      I love camp Nano, I did it once… I think two years ago.


  4. I’m so happy to hear that even though you didn’t “win” NaNoWriMo, you walked away with a great story! I feel you on the writing community front. It is sad how it seems to die off after NaNo. That’s why we have to work even harder to keep it going the rest of the year!

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