Fight The Urge…

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I don’t know if you ever had this feeling, but today I felt it… more than ever.


Let me take you back a bit.

Today I was writing a bit (didn’t had much time), and I got stuck. One of my characters suddenly didn’t fit in the scene I was writing, and no matter how much rewrites I did… Still nothing!

The urge to kill this character was stronger than ever, just to take it out will make my life easier. So I started to imagine the story without this character, and how everything will fall into the right place, but you know what? As much as I saw the story without this character, I finally knew just how important it was to keep this character.

The character suddenly grew even stronger in my head, and like roots, her personality spread through the story and I saw how much she is valid to how my main character will continue on, and I knew I could never take this character out.

After this insight, I wrote so fast that i manged to write 3K 🙂

Now I’m at: 29K/50K

So… my advice to all writers that struggle with a scene or a character, just take a few moments and see how the story will continue without him or her, fight the urge to take this character out of your story. Sometime you will find that this character can be killed, after all not all personalities can fit with your main character, but sometimes you’ll find how important this character really is, to the story.

For me, it was a real surprise LOL

Little update: To those who follow me on twitter may have read about last night, but if not… I just want to share this you:

Yesterday I was with my mom in the hospital untill 22:30 at night. They discharged her from the E.R and I took her home and drove home… But while we were there, they did some tests and in the first room we were my mom fainted from the pain and was Unconscious for a few minutes – to me it seemed like forever. It was very scary 😦 Luckily she woke up and they found out it was an inflammation. Yesterday was really scary for me… and as a writer (I can’t stop my mind from writing, lol) I ended up putting some of the scary parts that happened and some of my fears and her pain in words, and into some of the scenes.

Just wanted to share this with you ❤

Another small update: It’s raining here, for a few days now… And… I love it, lol.

Have a great Sunday, and thank you so much for reading ❤


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2 thoughts on “Fight The Urge…

  1. I’ve never tried thinking of killing off a character to test their importance, but this sounds like great advice. It’s a solid test of seeing how important the character is to the story. So, thanks — as that will be helpful to keep in mind for future stories! Good luck with your writing, and I hope your mom is doing better 🙂

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    1. LoL, thanks. It didn’t start as that. I just for really got stuck with that character and was thinking of deleting her, or killing her off, but as I saw the story go on without her, I saw how important she really is. Thank you so much… My mom at home now resting.


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