Happy Halloween

Hello everyone, just wanted to say to all that celebrate (and to those who not – like me, lol) Happy Halloween 🙂

No matter how you celebrate this day… I just want you to get inspired by all this fun, take the time to enjoy everything with that pure joy and excitement as a child gets at this day 😀

Watch creepy movies, go to a cool party, be with your loved ones, write a creepy tale, tones to do and get inspired by on holiday.

For me:

We don’t celebrate this holiday where I live, but I do love this day.

I love it even more as the rain keeps pouring outside and a wonderful smell of rain and fresh air fills the place… (I love it).

I even get excited as in the game (gw2), we have the Halloween theme and there are Halloween music and creepy sounds. It’s both great and inspiring, enough for me to get into the holiday spirit, but also makes me think of my book for nano and my characters.

Makes me think of how they might celebrate the holiday…

Ok… I will stop here and let you go on with your celebration,

Don’t forget to have fun (tons of fun).

BTW: If you are staying at home and looking for something to do, try this site for some fun creepy Halloween mini-games 😉

Spooky and creepy day ❤


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8 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. hi hun! miss you alot, i was eating choclate and thinking of all the criative things you do and creative spirits i get from you, and this is my beaken of hope, my sunshine ray for today, its the begining of the week and i really need that, so keep on doing what you do and giving me insporation ❤

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    1. Awww thank you so much hun, you are so sweet. You are my inspiration as well… I always love hearing about you day and how much you accomplish. It’s an inspiration to us all I think to see and know how creative one can be and how much motivation you have. I hope some will rub on me as well, lol.


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