Happy Halloween

Hello everyone, just wanted to say to all that celebrate (and to those who not – like me, lol) Happy Halloween 🙂

No matter how you celebrate this day… I just want you to get inspired by all this fun, take the time to enjoy everything with that pure joy and excitement as a child gets at this day 😀

Watch creepy movies, go to a cool party, be with your loved ones, write a creepy tale, tones to do and get inspired by on holiday.

For me:

We don’t celebrate this holiday where I live, but I do love this day.

I love it even more as the rain keeps pouring outside and a wonderful smell of rain and fresh air fills the place… (I love it).

I even get excited as in the game (gw2), we have the Halloween theme and there are Halloween music and creepy sounds. It’s both great and inspiring, enough for me to get into the holiday spirit, but also makes me think of my book for nano and my characters.

Makes me think of how they might celebrate the holiday…

Ok… I will stop here and let you go on with your celebration,

Don’t forget to have fun (tons of fun).

BTW: If you are staying at home and looking for something to do, try this site for some fun creepy Halloween mini-games 😉

Spooky and creepy day ❤


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A quick Share ;)

Just wanted to share with you something i found.

Today I found my theme song for my NanoWrimo novel, I am so happy.

This song helps me tap into my novel’s world, my characters and it gets me all happy to write… Yey 🙂

That’s all for now, enjoy the song and have a great day

Thank you for reading ❤


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All You Need Are Words

Title… check.

Characters… check.

World… check.

What I need now? Oh yeah… words.

I started to write a story for NaNoWriMo. A story that slowly becomes very weird and unusual with many different elements, but for some reason they all fit together, lol.

It is a Fantasy, Sci/Fi, and Dystopian story… yep, lol, You can laugh if you want to, I know I did… a lot, lol.

When the story started coming into my dreams, forcing its way to be written, I became very attached to the story and to the characters and I saw some potential in it. I started jotting the story down, slowly something that I laughed about before becoming a story worthy to be written about (Well for Nano anyway, lol).

This free writing brought back the joy of writing (I love Nano for that, so much), there is no time to think, no time to edit, just to write. I love building a new world, as it slowly shows itself to me. I love how the characters start to speak to me through my dreams and play with my thoughts. I think that’s what I love most about writing.

The freedom of just writing without thinking so much, just letting whatever in my heart and mind go free on paper as if the words were butterflies flying around me. I love the rush and the high I get when the story just pours out so fast that I can barely keep up or when the characters stop me from taking a wrong turn in the story.

I know that to some of you it may sound crazy, But I guess I am.

Sorry for getting sidetracked… I’m back, Back to the Nano story, lol.

My title for the story is Project Zero, and at first, it was a working title, just a weird name that appeared in my dream, but now I know that Project Zero is the right title for this story and it was a good start to see what the story was about 🙂

So far I wrote about 2500 words into the story, but I think it’s more of an intro to the story, but as I said before… no editing, so I don’t know yet. I will just keep on writing from the last sentence I wrote and go on from there.

For now, I am not going to write an outline and just leave the story to unfold by itself as I continue to write, but I know that at some point (maybe when Nano actually starts) I will write a quick outline, just to keep me on the right track… Maybe 😉

Have fun writing & thank you for reading ❤


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NanoWrimo Is Almost Here

Blog2The excitement is in the air…

I can feel the love for writing spreading and I can feel the fear and the craziness starting to sneak in… How fun this is?

This fun and craziness can be overwhelming for old & new NanoWrimos, so I gathered some tips that I love which helped me with my writing in general, but more so in Nano.

  • Planning ahead and having an outline:

If Nano starts but you find yourself (like me, lol) without an outline or any idea what to write, don’t worry. Take a deep breath and just write whatever comes to mind (even if it sounds stupid). As you write, a story will unfold and the writing will become easier as you go on.

  • Stat writing fast:

You need to achieve 1667 words a day, so don’t edit… Not even the misspelled words, lol, Just write and write without looking back. It’s hard (I know) but worth it. I even try to get ahead in my word count as much as I can in the first week, so if something happens and I can’t write, I am still up on my word count (yey).

  • Learn to say No!

No! I can’t come.

No! I can’t help.

No! I have no time.

No! I am writing (still learning this, lol).

  • Get help:

I love to do the “word races” in NaNoWriMo. Set an alarm for 5, 10 or 15 minutes and write as much as you can, as fast as you can. There are many word races on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and the NaNoWriMo forums. You can use online writing prompts and apps that are for android as well as for apple.

  • Know the end for your next line:

I love to end my writing for that day with some knowledge of how I will continue the next day. Write it down, so the next day you are basically not starting an idea from scratch, but already have some idea of how your story will go on.

  • Enjoy the community:

Once a year all the writers come out from their solitude and join together for one crazy celebration, and for one goal, which is to write. This is the time to use the community for feedback, help and their input on your writing (If you choose to share). I love the community so much and I miss it a lot after NaNoWriMo.

  • Finish!

Fight. Claw. Write down every word. I like the story to be something good, as much as I can while writing this fast, so even if I write fast I try my hardest to write well (story wise… not grammar and such, lol). The reward for finishing and getting 50K down on paper… Is more than I can ever express.

  • Have fun writing.

Enjoy the process of writing. If this is your first time don’t worry… even if you are way behind… this is a crazy month and at some point, you can catch up on your word count, and if not… hey, you tried something that a lot will never want to try. No matter what, I assure you, that you will learn a lot about your writing, the people around you and most of all about yourself and how you deal with stress.

So… how many of you are joining me in the fun of NaNoWriMo?

Thank you for reading this ❤

BTW: I used a digital freebie from here and the button was made with the help of my friend.


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I had A Dream…

No but really. I had a dream in the style of the little prince, but a different.

I dreamt that I was lost and a woman came to me and said that I need to go to the asteroid and what I need to find there are words. I went up the asteroid and I saw that were stars falling. I started to dig deep holes, so when the stars fell, they entered the holes and once they hit the ground the star exploded and words came out of it.

A moment later a shower of twinkling stars, came shooting down and I couldn’t dig enough holes fast enough, so many stars just exploded and the words went drifting back into space.

Later I talked to my friend and we tried to figure out what the dream means, we had a few ideas, but I’m still thinking about it.

For me, I think because the stars exploded into words and words is what I seek the most… with Nanowrimo closing in, I’m starting to get the butterflies both of excitement and nerves lol

I even looked it up online and I loved the interpretations people posted… So here they are 🙂

If you have any thoughts or interpretations of the dream, feel free to share them (I would love to read all of them).

Have a great day and thank you for reading my post ❤


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This Is Me ;)

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my first blog post ❤

It’s hard to put me in a specific box, or in a few, lol. The truth is that I am a lot of things and in this blog, I will share about many things as well.

Here are a few facts about me:

1. I am a wife (to a wonderful man).

2. I am a writer and an aspiring author.

3. I am a book hoarder lol (I read a lot).

4. I am a geek, a nerd or what other names you want to call it.

5. I draw, doodle, write songs, play music and I game a lot (a lot).

6. I will write on this blog when I will write, but I will try to write a few times a week (I will try).

Thank you for reading ❤


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